Saturday, February 12, 2005


The Lavender Language Conference
American University, Washington, DC

Queer socio-linguists and anthropologists
swap theories on how language oppresses and liberates
(sometimes at the same time).

They dig and dip and dive into the fray of Egyptian gay men's pronunciation and the use of female pronouns when
addressing each other.

They explore homophobic speech among Chilean men and
the use of speech acts by poor, lesbian African-Americans (in order to stave off welfare cuts so
a daughter can go to school instead of work)

Each wears the role differently, unsure of how to disseminate the work
(like delicate dandelion floaters or
molotovs thrown into the classroom, through the TV screen, into the heart of America?)

Their theories, their ideas, their passion, stir my artist heart
to save our country from the madness that grips common sense and
mutates Southern hospitality and
poisons Christianity.


At 3:12 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Keep on writing that poetry with such great emphasis and feeling. I love it.


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